Gay and Lesbian Issues

In a society where Prop 8 was denied, it is clear that there remains some significant prejudice against the gay community. We are a practice very sensitive to the needs of the gay community and are very comfortable working with any issues that are both unique to a gay couple or similar to that of a heterosexual relationship.



This is perhaps the most popular mental illness in the field. Medication is synonymous with this disorder and careful attention should be spent deciding if medication is needed or if the proper therapy and life style can pull you out of depression’s grip. We are aware of the dangers of becoming addicted to medication to treat your condition versus just using it as a bridge to help you access what you need to in order to eventually not need to depend on it. We recognize that some people may need to remain on medication to treat their depression. However, we are here to help guide you through that decision by using a variety of therapeutic techniques.


Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most underrated of all abuse, new research says that one in six men and one in three women were sexually abused in some way. It is possible that due to the taboos associated with sexual abuse, that number may even be higher. Generally, the depth of how badly someone was hurt by sexual abuse is based on several factors. The level of betrayal, meaning how close to you is the perpetrator? Was it your mom, dad, or other family member? The actual physical aspect of it; was it exposure, fondling, intercourse, rape? How long did it go on for and what age did it start and end at? And, your own resiliency is a factor.  In healing this deep violation, the therapist must explore all aspects of the abuse and assist you in addressing how the abuse is currently being played out in your current intimate relationships.


Adoption issues

When do you tell your child he or she was adopted? How do support your adopted child when questions are asked about his or her biological family? This question and many others come up when dealing with adoption. I am comfortable addressing any adoption related issue.


Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, much more common then one might think. I don’t believe in blaming or shaming, but instead just changing this incredibly destructive cycle of abuse. Many people don’t understand that domestic violence is not just physical but can be verbal or emotional. Domestic violence can be used to intimidate or control someone without ever laying a hand on them. Yelling, breaking things, throwing things, slamming doors, are all more subtle ways partners scare their loved ones. I am comfortable working with individuals, couples, and/or families with this issue in their life.



I believe that foundational to therapy is the idea of loss. In order to make room for change, one has to mourn the loss of the old to make room for the new. There is no miracle to this process, just talk therapy. I believe talking it through provides you the opportunity to heal from the pain of the loss. There is nothing dysfunctional about feeling the pain of grief, loss, or abandonment so it just requires someone guiding you through it. Everyone mourns the loss at their own pace. Your ability to access it will dictate the time frame for a full recovery and a new beginning.